April 2009

Ingrain's new laser ablation system will produce better imaging quality and reduce scanning time on digital rock samples
Houston, TX (April 3, 2009) -- Ingrain, the digital rock physics lab, has acquired a new system that will further enhance an already revolutionary method of obtaining physical properties of reservoir rocks.  The new laser ablation system provides Ingrain geologists the ability to cut near-perfect cylinders of the rock for CT scanning.  The system can cut sizes of 60 microns up to 1 millimeter in diameter, making the smallest, most precise samples available for scanning.  "This system produces the most accurate samples for scanning currently available," explained Boaz Nur, Ingrain operations manager. "Samples this precise will not only produce better image quality, but will decrease scanning time and produce better throughput on high resolution micro and nano CT scans."
Ingrain expects to install similar laser ablation systems in digital rock physics labs now under development in Rio de Janeiro, Abu Dhabi and Calgary.