AAPG Memoir 102: Electron Microscopy of Shale Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

The purpose of the memoir is to provide a practical reference for geologists, geophysicists, engineers, and students to gain a better understanding of the various state-of-the-art techniques and applications of electron microscopy for shale hydrocarbon reservoir evaluation.

This reference volume is intended for both specialists and non-specialists alike and will serve as a practical guide for petrographic interpretation and reservoir analog studies.

This book contains 13 highly illustrated peer-reviewed papers that describe modern techniques and recent case studies, and a catalog of nearly 250 described SEM images of known productive and potential shale hydrocarbon reservoirs in the United States. The included DVD contains a digital copy of the printed material, plus supplemental supporting data, additional color images, and digital reservoir model three-dimensional animation files.

Ingrain's Joel Walls and Juliana Anderson coauthored chapter 11 entitled Applications of SEM Imaging to Reservoir Characterization in the Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas, USA. The chapter describes the methodology and results of an unconventional reservoir study to identify the distribution of porosity and organic matter, as well as the relationship between porosity and permeability.  To download a free copy of the chapter, please click here.

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