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In a shale system, it is vital to know the relative permeability of oil and gas that is above the bubble point. Critical gas saturation matters to production engineers and reservoir engineers in planning for production and estimating reserves.


Shale Rel Perm Curve 

The plot shown above shows a gas-oil relative permeability trend of the type that Ingrain computes in shale rock samples. The end points are important for determining residual water saturation and irreducible water saturation.

Ingrain has experience with gas shales that produce water and calculating the relative permeability of water and gas. This is important because the impact of water saturation or other liquids can greatly influence the total gas production.

Ingrain’s porosity and permeability results in shale compare more favorably to published trends than results from physical core lab experiments (see below).


For a more in-depth look, click here to download Ingrain's SCAL in Shale presentation.

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