Shale Reservoir Evaluation Improved by Dual Energy X-Ray CT Imaging - Journal of Petroleum Technology, Nov 2012

Digital rock physics (DRP) analysis offers a faster way of obtaining the needed data for shale reservoir evaluation. DRP analysis of shales usually involves three stages, each providing visual and quantitative information to help select a smaller representative rock volume for the next analytical stage. Stage 1 analyzes whole cores or cuttings; Stage 2 analyzes samples from cuttings to plug size; and Stage 3 analyzes samples at pore scale in 3D with ultrahigh resolution.

In the November issue of the Journal of Petroleum Technology, Ingrain's Joel Walls and Meghan Armbruster examine the first stage of DRP for whole or slabbed core, using Ingrain's breakthrough technology, CoreHD, and how how the combination of DRP and high-resolution X-ray CT imaging can provide rapid, noninvasive geological and petrophysical analysis of shale reservoirs.

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