August 2008

Elizabeth Diaz Joins Ingrain as Chief Geoscientist
Houston (August 28, 2008) – Geophysics expert Elizabeth Diaz has joined Houston-based rock physics company Ingrain as its chief geoscientist.  Most recently a senior geoscientist at Shell International Exploration and Production, Inc., Diaz will help lead Ingrain’s team of physicists and geologists in developing new methods and technologies in the emerging field of reservoir rock properties computation.

Diaz comes to Ingrain with unique expertise in many geophysical disciplines, including the application of rock physics and quantitative seismic interpretation techniques and the evaluation and risking of the presence of reservoir rocks and hydrocarbons.  She has also gained extensive field experience working on exploration projects around the world, including developments in Nigeria, Brazil, Libya, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and the U.S.
Patricia Pastana De Lugao to Head International Office in Brazil 
Houston (August 28, 2008) – Ingrain, a Houston-based rock physics company, has added Patricia Pastana de Lugão to its growing management team.  Pastana de Lugão will serve as the managing director of Ingrain’s first international office, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Pastana de Lugão comes to Ingrain with a long and influential career in the Brazilian oil and gas market. Specifically, she holds extensive expertise in developing and introducing new geophysical technologies and software.  As founder of StrataImage, a Rio de Janeiro-based consulting firm for Brazilian geophysical companies, Pastana de Lugão has worked with industry leaders on cutting-edge projects such as seismic elastic inversion and marine electromagnetic surveys.  She also has extensive experience with companies including Landmark Graphics and Baker Hughes’ Geosignal and Baker Atlas divisions.
Ingrain Adds John Elmer as Chief Marketing Officer  
Houston (August 20, 2008) – Rock physics company, Ingrain, has added John Elmer to serve as chief marketing officer in its Houston-based headquarters. He will serve as Ingrain’s strategic marketing lead to advance the use of the company’s digital process for measuring reservoir rock properties in the upstream industry.

Elmer comes to Ingrain from Gelb Consulting Group, a strategic marketing firm headquartered in Houston since 1965. He joined Gelb in 1984, managed the firm’s oil and gas practice since 1987 and became president in 1999. Elmer has extensive experience working with oilfield service and equipment companies on marketing and technology commercialization on a global basis. He established Gulf Research, Gelb Consulting Group’s joint venture with Gulf Publishing Company, and served as its managing director until 2007.