What The Oil and Gas Industry Says About Ingrain:
“ …Gives us the opportunity to better understand the nature of clays in our formation and how their distribution affects our SAGD production.” -- Geologist, Canadian oil company
“…Fantastic application for our shale play, specifically identifying organics plugging and storing gas and being able to differentiate between bitumen and organic matter.” Geoscience manager, Canadian oil company
“…Would be the basis for volumetric and deliverability modeling.” -- Sr. VP Exploration, US independent oil company
“..Could make economical decisions in stimulation of our wells.”  -- Reservoir engineering advisor, US independent oil company
"Ingrain is light years ahead of the competition and will own the rel perm business.” -- Reservoir engineer, supermajor oil company
"Ingrain is answer to our current challenge of trying to figure out why this well is underperforming." -- Staff geologist, supermajor oil company
“This technology is the future of core analysis and will serve a large unmet demand for rock properties information.” – Senior reservoir engineer, national oil company
”…Computational rock physics is the future, and the future is now.” – Reservoir engineer, national oil company