CoreHD® Features & Benefits

Understand Your Core

High Quality, Archivable 3D Core Images
  • Permanent record of core
  • High quality, high-resolution image
  • Faster than traditional core description
  • Detect formation signatures not acquired by logs

Density and PEF logs
  • Low density areas associated with higher porosity
  • Low atomic number areas associated with higher organic content
  • Understand mineral distribution through atomic number log

Distinguish Rock Types
  • Facies identification
  • High level characterization
  • Highlight mineral changes

Feature Identification
  • Visualize detailed features of core
  • Aid in understanding depositional environment
  • Clues to diagensis
  • Rapid identification of parasequences

Choose Your Rock

Statistical sampling (such as one plug per foot) increases risk of missing reservoir quality or analyzing unrepresentative sections.

Intelligent Sampling
  • Select sample locations based on reservoir quality (porosity and organic content)
  • Avoid mixing rock types

Increase Value of Core Analysis  
Foundation for further digital rock analysis 
  • Routine Core Analysis
    • Porosity (connected, isolated, total)
    • Kerogen content
    • Absolute Permeability
    • Electrical Properties
    • Elastic Properties
  • Special Core Analysis 
    • Relative Permeability
    • Grain Size Distribution
    • Pore Size Distribution
    • Throat Size Distribution
    • Capillary Pressure