CoreHD® & CoreHD® Plus: Whole Core High-Definition CT Scanning and Logging

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Ingrain’s CoreHD® Suite provides early visibility into the critical properties of whole core through continuous, high-resolution rock property logs in relevant timeframes.

CoreHD®:  Whole core, continuous, dual-energy CT scanning for characterizing rock type and heterogeneity

Ingrain’s CoreHD® service consists of high-resolution (slice density up to 900 CT slices per linear foot of whole core) X-Ray CT imaging of whole or slabbed core, followed by computation of separate logs for bulk density (RhoB) and photoelectric index (PEF). The bulk density and PEF logs are exclusive to Ingrain and provide quantitative measures to help discriminate lithology, porosity, rock facies, and depositional sequences.


CoreHD® Plus: Achieve greater impact from whole core data with additional petrophysical curves
CoreHD® Plus begins with spectral gamma logging and XRF (X-ray fluorescence) measurements on the whole core. This data, combined with RhoB and PEF, is used to compute the additional curves.

Ingrain uses deterministic and empirical relationships based on established petrophysical principles and guided by access to Ingrain’s proprietary worldwide database of organic mudstone and shale formations. If sufficient data is available from 3D Pore Scale analysis, then a continuous computed permeability curve can also be provided.



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