December 2008

Ingrain Mentioned in December Issue of Hart's E&P
Houston, TX (December 31, 2008) -- Ingrain's technology for imaging and computing reservoir rock properties was identified as a breakthrough new oilfield technology in Rhonda Duey's column "New Technology Continues to Amaze" in the December 2008 issue of Hart's E&P magazine.

Apache and Anadarko Discuss Ingrain in the Houston Chronicle
Houston, TX (December 31, 2008) -- Ingrain's nanometer-scale imaging and computational rock physics technology was the subject of a feature story in the Houston Chronicle.  Apache and Anadarko are among the oil companies using Ingrain to understand the properties of reservoir rocks.
Ingrain Takes Delivery of Portable Micro-scale Ct Scanner
Houston, TX (December 15, 2008) -- Ingrain, the digital rock physics lab, announced today that the comany has taken delivery of its first portable, field-capable micro-scale CT scanner. "This new portable scanner gives Ingrain the ability to provide wellsite services to oil and gas companies," said John Elmer, Ingrain CMO, "which means even faster turnaround time for reservoir rock properties analyses."
Ingrain is working with DHI Services under a technology development agreement to design and test operating procedures for field deployment of the new scanner.  DHI Services provides well-site Formation Evaluation Services (FE) for oil, gas and geothermal exploration companies. 
Ingrain Enhances Oil Sands Capabilities with Specialized Wire Saw
Houston, TX (December 8, 2008) -- Ingrain, the digital rock physics lab, has expanded its ability to analyze poorly consolidated rocks such as oil sands with the installation of a specialized diamond wire saw.  "Oil sands need to be cut to the proper size for imaging," explained Boaz Nur, Ingrain operations manager. "The Diamondwire Millenium Series Capstan Saw Model CS410 makes a series of programmable cuts using diamond-impregnated wire. The CS410 constantly monitors wire deflection and adjust the velocity of the saw, which minimizes the stress on the rock sample and keeps it closer to in situ conditions." 
Ingrain Announces Expansion Of Houston Digital Rock Physics Lab
Houston, TX (December 1, 2008)  -- Ingrain, the digital rock physics lab, announced today that it has completed expansion of its Houston facilities.  The new space houses Ingrain's nano-scale imaging equipment and the team of geologists who use it to conduct rock properties imaging and computational processes.  "With this expansion, we have doubled the size of our lab and substantially increased our capacity," said Boaz Nur, Ingrain's operations manager. "Our lab operations run 24/7/365, and the increased space was necessary to accommodate our growing array of imaging and processing equipment."