December 2009

Ingrain Rock Physics Science Advisor Dr. Jack Dvorkin discusses the benefits of using digital rock physics to determine permeability in the latest issue of The Leading Edge
Houston (December, 2009) -- Trying to determine permeabilities and elastic properties with conventional, physical lab experiments can not only be lengthy and expensive, but hard to conduct given the type of rock material available.  In the article From Micro to Reservoir Scale: Permeability from Digital Experiments, Rock Physics Science Advisor Jack Dvorkin explains how digital rock physics can reliably address these challenges, thereby enhancing data obtained from physical laboratories and reducing the number of complicated and costly measurements being used today.
The article is featured in part of a special section in this month's issue entitled Reservoir Modeling Constrained by Seismic.
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Ingrain is a Platinum Sponsor at the 2010 Annual HGS Applied Geoscience Conference - US Gulf Region Mudstones as Unconventional Shale Gas/Oil Reservoirs
Houston (Dec 2009) Ingrain will be the Platinum Sponsor at the 2010 Annual HGS Applied Geoscience Conference taking place February 8 & 9, 2010.  Attendees of the conference, which is being sponsored by the Houston Geological Society, can expect to interact and learn applied techniques from knowledgeable unconventional reservoir characterization specialists on reservoir and system characterization for Gulf Coast region shale gas/oil reservoirs and learn about reservoir characterization advances of multiple targets, including the Haynesville / Bossier System.

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Ingrain obtains service mark registration for vRock
Houston (Nov/Dec 2009) Ingrain was granted a service mark registration by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for on Nov 3, 2009. The vRock service mark refers to using a digital reservoir rock used in determining fluid transport properties of rock formations from computer tomographic images of rock formation samples.