About Ingrain's Digital Rock Physics Lab

Ingrain's digital rock physics lab computes the physical properties and fluid flow characteristics of oil and gas reservoir rocks. We provide advanced rock properties analysis for clastics, shales, carbonates (including micritic), tight gas sands and oil sands. 
Using whole core, core plugs or drill cuttings, Ingrain can deliver accurate results as fast as 14 days. Ingrain can even provide accurate results using samples from core repositories that have been altered by drilling fluids.
Where whole core is available, Ingrain's digital rock physics workflow includes four major steps:
  • CoreHD® high-definition Ct scanning and logging of whole core to identify rock units and select locations for sampling

  • Selection, preparation and 3-D imaging of the selected rock samples

  • Image processing to discriminate between pore space, grains and matrix, and creation of vRock® digital reservoir rocks

  • Using vRocks®, computation of basic and advanced rock properties by simulating physical processes


The sample material for imaging can come from core, sidewall plugs, or drill cuttings.