Ingrain at URTeC 2017

Ingrain will be participating at the upcoming Unconventional Resources Technology Conference to be held in Austin on July 24th. 

Oral Sessions

Monday - 3:45 pm - Delaware Basin Special Session II

Integration of Core Data, Digital Rock Analysis, Magnetic Resonance and Well Logs for Improved Unconventional Resource Characterization: S. Perry, J. Walls, T. Rider

Tuesday - 5:00 pm - Imaging Unconventional Facies at the Macro-, Micro- and Nano-Scales I

Integration and Comparison of Multi-Scale Digital Rock Analysis With Bulk Rock Porosity and LECO TOC Within Multiple Appalachian Basin Formations: J. Walls, G. Davalos, M. Weinreich

ePaper Presentations

Tuesday Morning - Imaging Unconventional Facies at the Macro-, Micro- and Nano-Scales III

Petrophysical Properties of Shale From Different Source Rocks in the Middle East: M. Dernaika, J. Walls*, S. Koronfol, O. Al Jallad, G. Sinclair

Tuesday Afternoon - Reserves Estimation and Production Forecasting

Quantifying Organic Porosity and Predicting Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) in the Eagle Ford Formation: R. McLean, C. Miller, J. Walls, B. Guzman

Tuesday Afternoon - Delaware Basin Special Session III

Integration and Impact of Varying Open Hole Wireline Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Acquisition Parameters and Quantification; A Case Study in the Wolfcamp Formation, Delaware Basin: S. Perry • Integrated Multi-Scale Reservoir Characterization: Wolfcamp Formation – Delaware Basin: A. Morcote, J. Walls, M. Ver Hoeve, M. Foster



Organizer URTeC


Mon, Jul. 24 - Wed, Jul. 26, 2017
10 a.m. - noon
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Cesar Chavez Convention Center, Booth 201
500 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701
Austin, TX 78701
United States