August 7-12, 2011 - 1st International Workshop on Rock Physics

The 1st International Workshop on Rock Physics is the first in a biennial series of workshops on rock physics. The workshop will take place at the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, August 7 - 12, 2011 - see map. Those groups wishing to host the next workshop in the series in 2013 are encouraged to make a proposal at the end of the workshop. Following presentation of the various proposals a vote will be made on the location of the next workshop.

Program Content

Rock Physics is a key component in oil and gas exploration, development and production. It combines concepts and principles from geology, geophysics, petrophysics, applied mathematics and other disciplines.  Rock physics provides the empirical relationships, understanding and theory to connect elastic properties, measured at the surface of the earth, within the borehole environment or in the laboratory, to the intrinsic properties of rocks, such as mineralogy, porosity, pore shapes, pore fluids, pore pressures, permeability, viscosity, stresses and overall architecture such as laminations and fractures. Rock physics is needed to optimize all imaging and reservoir characterization solutions based on elastic data.


Topics to be addressed in the workshop include:

  • Laboratory rock physics: methods and analyses
  • Rock physics of reservoir rocks: Clastic and Carbonates
  • Rock physics for unconventional (oil and gas shales) and fractured rocks
  • Mudrock rock physics and application to pore pressure prediction and improving the link between burial history and rock physics
  • Rock physics for 4D – reservoir and non-reservoir modeling
  • Numerical and theoretical rock physics models
  • Anisotropy, Frequency dependence, scale dependence, upscaling and integration
  • Transferring rock physics knowledge and technology to asset teams

We are encouraging presentation of varying viewpoints in this workshop, and will schedule time for active discussion on each topic. Summary comments and views will be captured and presented to all workshop participants, and disseminated via this website. In addition, a  special session on Inductive and Deductive Methods in Rock Physics will be held during the workshop. Please review the link for more information.


Sun, Aug. 7 - Fri, Aug. 12, 2011
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Colorado School of Mines