How to Work with Ingrain

Ingrain digitizes rock samples using 3D high resolution CT scanning, followed by image segmentation to distinguish grains from pore space. This means that the rock samples are not destroyed or altered, as is the case with physical lab experiments. Ingrain can provide accurate results using samples from core repositories that have been altered by drilling fluids.

The CT scanners we use provide sufficient resolution to capture the pore network and grain structure of formations that are difficult to measure using physical methods (shales, tight gas sands, oil sands).

Ingrain’s breakthrough technology creates high resolution, information-rich digital representations of reservoir rocks – vRocks -- that can be used over and over, allowing new approaches (i.e. “what if” scenarios) to fluid flow analysis.

  • Sending samples to Ingrain
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  • Sample return
    Rock sample size requirements:
    This can be worked out with customers.  The recommended (but not limited to) minimum sample size is 1".