July 2008

Ingrain Introduces 3-D NanoXCT Imaging System
Houston (July 15, 2008)– Ingrain, the Houston-based rock physics company, will provide geoscientists exquisite insight into the base properties of reservoir rock samples with its recent acquisition of a revolutionary NanoXCT imaging device.

The significance of Ingrain’s new imaging technology is that it can reveal unprecedented, nano-scale three-dimensional resolution of reservoir rock’s pore structures. Enhanced knowledge of these pore structures helps geoscientists determine how to best extract fluids from particular oil and gas formations.

Ingrain’s new imaging device is especially ideal for studying complex, unconventional fields, such as tight gas sands and oil shales. Armed with new knowledge of this type of rock’s inner structure and its expected behavior, geoscientists will be able to more efficiently exploit these vast resources—one of the newest frontiers in today’s oil and gas industry.