Routine & Advanced Rock Properties Computations

Ingrain's workflow provide accurate rock physics properties in challenging reservoirs in a fraction of the time associated with conventional laboratories.


Routine Core Analysis:

  • Porosity (connected, isolated, total)

  • Organic matter content

  • Absolute Permeability in multiple axes (x,y,z)

  • Electrical Properties (formation factor, m)

  • Elastic Properties (Vp/Vs, E, K, G, Poisson’s ration)

Special Core Analysis:

  • Relative Permeability: Two-phase relative permeability: water-oil, gas-oil, or water-gas displacement

  • Capillary Pressure: Capillary pressure values at each saturation for primary drainage, imbibitions and secondary drainage cycles (if secondary drainage requested).

  • Grain size distribution: A table describing relative frequency for each grain size.

  • Ri & n


Fractional flow of oil and water in a sandstone. The water is invisible and the oil phase is shown by a color encoded surface. The color represents the pressure distribution where red is high pressure and blue is low pressure. Water and oil are injected at a fixed rate and the system approaches steady conditions.