Nano XCT

Ingrain’s new imaging technology, the Nano XCT,  can reveal unprecedented, nano-scale three-dimensional resolution of reservoir rock’s pore structures. Enhanced knowledge of these pore structures helps geoscientists determine how to best extract fluids from particular oil and gas formations.
This imaging device, which is the first of its kind to be used outside of the microchip industry, is capable of focusing an X-ray source onto an extremely small region of interest within a rock sample—as small as 20-60 microns. The best resolution of the new device is 0.05 microns (50 nanometers) or 1/1000th of the diameter of a strand of human hair.
It creates multiple views of a rock sample by focusing its X-ray source through a condensing lens on a particular region of interest. The X-rays exit the object and pass through a device that focuses the beam onto a detector to form each view. These views are then combined to create a virtual, three-dimensional image of the rock.