April 1, 2013: Ingrain Joint Industry Project in Utica shale play officially established

Houston (April 1, 2013) Digital rock physics company Ingrain, Inc. is pleased to announce the official launch of their multi-client study of the Utica-Point Pleasant sequence, commonly referred to as the Utica shale play.


This Joint Industry Project (JIP) is designed to help operators reduce risk and improve well performance by using Ingrain’s technology to understand the most important rock properties that control reservoir quality and well productivity.  The Utica-Point Pleasant JIP recently became active and the initial sponsor meeting will be held in the coming weeks.  The project is now open for participation by additional operators. 

The JIP will focus on the following key issues: relationships between facies, depositional sequences and reservoir quality; shale pore types and their effect on total porosity and permeability; porosity-permeability trends for individual Utica and Point Pleasant facies; relative permeability and capillary pressure behavior; and linking core-derived reservoir quality to well logs and well productivity.

“2013 is expected to be a huge year for the Utica Shale,” says Ken Courville, Ingrain’s Director of Sales. “There are over 200 wells drilled and a further 300 permitted in Ohio alone. We think this project creates a great platform where various industry players in the area can come together and share the information gained from using Ingrain’s unique technology to improve their own production potential and reserve estimates while reducing risk. We now have a group of well-known, technically advanced independent E&P companies signed on and we look forward to the participation of other companies in the play.”

For more information about this project and participation details, please contact info@ingrainrocks.com. 

Download the Ingrain Utica JIP Data Sheet


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