Carl Zeiss SMT Announces Ingrain's Adoption of the AURIGA® CrossBeam® Workstation

PEABODY, Mass. & OBERKOCHEN, Germany, Sept. 29, 2009—The AURIGA® CrossBeam® workstation, recently introduced by Carl Zeiss SMT, now has demonstrated the ability to improve the analysis of shale rock’s porosity and permeability in order to more accurately predict the shale’s suitability for the commercial extraction of oil or gas.

Houston-based Ingrain, a provider of digital rock physics services to oil and gas companies around the world, is now using an AURIGA FIB/SEM workstation to generate high resolution 3D images that are used to create the company’s vRock digital reservoir rocks from shale rock samples. Ingrain then uses proprietary simulation technologies to analyze the samples for fluid flow. According to Henrique Tono, Ingrain CEO, “We have significantly advanced our capabilities—especially for the analysis of shale rock—by integrating the unique Carl Zeiss AURIGA instrument into our analytical processes. As a result, our customers, who are world leaders in oil and gas exploration, can now get more detailed, more accurate rock properties analyses. In essence, we are now able to provide more accurate, more complete information to support their decision making needs.”
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