Houston (August 28, 2008) – Geophysics expert Elizabeth Diaz has joined Houston-based rock physics company Ingrain as its chief geoscientist.  Most recently a senior geoscientist at Shell International Exploration and Production, Inc., Diaz will help lead Ingrain’s team of physicists and geologists in developing new methods and technologies in the emerging field of reservoir rock properties computation.

Diaz comes to Ingrain with unique expertise in many geophysical disciplines, including the application of rock physics and quantitative seismic interpretation techniques and the evaluation and risking of the presence of reservoir rocks and hydrocarbons.  She has also gained extensive field experience working on exploration projects around the world, including developments in Nigeria, Brazil, Libya, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and the U.S.

Diaz has held previous technical positions at Occidental Oil & Gas, Halliburton and Grant Geophysical.  Additionally, Diaz conducted rock physics research at Stanford University, studying the effect of glauconite on the elastic properties, porosity and permeability of reservoir rocks.

Diaz holds a bachelor’s degree in geology from Universidad Industrial de Santander in Bucaramanga, Colombia and a master’s in geophysics from Stanford University. She is a member of several scientific and engineering professional organizations.

Ingrain is providing the oil and gas industry with a new paradigm in rock properties measurement. The companies digital process leverages patented algorithms and state-of-the-art imaging techniques to simulate fluid flow measurement in oil and gas reservoir rocks, allowing exploration and production operators to better understand their assets and make smarter, more informed field management decisions.

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