Ingrain Advisor, Jack Dvorkin, Presents to Canadian Well Logging Society

Calgary, Alberta – Dr. Jack Dvorkin, senior research scientist at Stanford University and advisor to Ingrain, a new Houston-based rock physics company, will give a technical presentation entitled, “The Future of Rock Physics: Imaging and Computing,” to the Canadian Well Logging Society at its June 11th Technical Luncheon. Dr. Dvorkin’s talk will examine current computational and imaging technology developments that are paving the way for better reservoir characterization, reservoir simulations and production management.

In addition to his work at Stanford, Dr. Dvorkin is working with Ingrain to commercialize the computational process featured in his talk. By using a digital process to determine reservoir characteristics such as porosity, permeability and electrical conductivity instead of traditional physical laboratory methods, Ingrain offers oil and gas operators a more accurate view of their reservoirs – in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.

Dr. Dvorkin has been instrumental in developing Ingrain’s technology through his pioneering research on the interrelations among rock properties. Since 1989, he has worked closely with Ingrain’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Amos Nur, who led Stanford University’s Rock Physics and Borehole Geophysics Project until retiring in 2007 to join Ingrain. 

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