Ingrain Expands Canadian Operations

Houston (January 26, 2009) – Ingrain, the digital rock physics lab, today announced the hiring of Guoping Li as country manager in Canada.  Li is responsible for opening Ingrain’s third facility, to be located in Calgary, Canada.  
From its inception in 2007, Ingrain has introduced a series of technical breakthroughs that allow the company to rapidly compute physical properties and fluid flows in oil and gas reservoir rocks. Ingrain’s approach of using 3D imaging and computation is especially well-suited for measuring porosity, permeability and TOC (total organic content) in oil sands.
This information allows oil and gas companies to more accurately estimate the potential of their reserves and make smarter, better-informed field development decisions.  
“Regardless of price of oil, E&P companies are still working to better understand and manage their reservoirs. Ingrain’s rock properties data has tremendous value at all points in the lifecycle of an oil and gas asset,” said Henrique Tono, Ingrain’s CEO. “Ingrain is responding to this demand by opening a digital rock physics lab in Calgary.”   
Ingrain plans to continue its rapid expansion into fast-growing areas of oil and gas exploration and production, and expects to open its fourth digital rock physics lab in the Middle East during 2009.    

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