Ingrain geologist Jacob Proctor has research paper published in SCANNING, the Journal of Scanning Microscopies

Houston (July 02, 2009) -- Ingrain geologist Jacob Proctor had his research paper Correcting for 3D Distortion When Using Backscattered Electron Detectors in a Scanning Electron Microscope published in the March/April 2009 issue of SCANNING,  the Journal of Scanning Microscopies. His paper focuses on verifying if Hitachi’s TM1000 scanning electron microscope is calibrated correctly for imaging surfaces (of a rock, ball bearing, etc).
SCANNING provides an international and interdisciplinary medium for the rapid exchange of information among all scientists interested in scanning electron, scanning probe, and scanning optical microscopies. Areas of specific interest include all aspects of the instrumentation associated with scanning microscopies; correlative microscopy techniques; stereometry; stereology; analytic techniques and novel applications of the microscopies.

Jacob graduated from UT Austin with a double major in Geological Sciences and Physical Anthropology.

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