Ingrain Launches CoreHD High-Definition Core Imaging and Logging

Houston (April 21, 2010) Ingrain, the oil and gas industry’s fastest growing digital rock physics company, today introduced CoreHD®, its breakthrough technology platform for 3D high-definition imaging of whole core from oil and gas wells. Ingrain’s CoreHD technology has significantly advanced the oil and gas industry’s ability to use CT scanners to image and analyze core.
“CoreHD gives geoscientists high-definition 3D visibility into their reservoirs at the wellbore scale,” said Henrique Tono, Ingrain’s CEO. “CoreHD is a major advance over the imaging that traditional core analysis labs provide. As the industry moves into complex rocks like oil shales, 3D high-definition whole core imaging is becoming an essential tool for geological core description, rock properties analysis and reservoir modeling.”
CoreHD Suite for Whole Core Logging
Combined with Ingrain’s proprietary image processing capabilities, the company offers the CoreHD® Suite, including the Continuous Core Viewer, the CT Borehole Image, and the CT Density and Atomic Number Log. The Continuous Core Viewer shows over 1500 digital cross-sections per meter of core. The CT Borehole Image that is similar to the kind of wellbore image that can be obtained from wireline logging. The specialized CoreHD image acquisition allows Ingrain to compute a Density and Atomic Number log.
When used on the entire whole core from a well, the CoreHD® Suite can be used to characterize rock types and flow units. This enables fast, accurate optimization of the number and location of core plugs for advanced rock properties analysis. Once the core plugs are selected, Ingrain can quickly image and compute accurate basic and advanced rock properties using its proprietary technologies for scanning, image processing and high performance computing.
Ingrain’s CoreHD® technology is being used at Ingrain’s digital rock physics lab in Houston and Abu Dhabi, UAE. CoreHD® services are available to all of Ingrain’s clients, which include oil and gas companies operating in North America, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Ingrain also has regional offices in Calgary and Rio de Janeiro and plans to expand its operations to the Middle East during 2010.
Since starting up in 2007, Ingrain has introduced technical breakthroughs in 3D imaging and computation that enable them to quickly and accurately compute porosity, permeability, elastic properties, electrical properties and multiphase flow in oil and gas reservoir rocks. This information allows oil and gas companies to more accurately estimate the potential of their reserves and make faster, better-informed field development decision

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