Ingrain Opens Digital Rock Physics Lab in Brazil

Houston-based digital rock physics company, Ingrain, today announced the opening of its second digital rock physics lab, to be located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  
From its inception in 2007, Ingrain has introduced a series of technical breakthroughs that allow the company to provide rapid, accurate computation of physical properties and fluid flows in oil and gas reservoir rocks.  This information allows oil and gas companies to more accurately estimate the potential of their reserves and make smarter, better-informed field development decisions.  
“Demand for our services continues to grow,” said Henrique Tono, Ingrain’s CEO. “The opening of Ingrain’s lab in Brazil shows that technology leaders in the oil and gas E&P industry are embracing digital rock physics.”   
Patricia de Lugao will manage Ingrain’s Brazil operation. De Lugao, who has been instrumental in introducing new geophysical visualization technologies for the Brazilian oil and gas market, will supervise the Ingrain geologists who are responsible for conducting analyses and working with oil and gas companies.  
In conjunction with this announcement, Ingrain plans to continue its rapid expansion into the fast-growing areas of oil and gas exploration and production including the Middle East and Canada.  

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