Ingrain’s newly acquired Zeiss AURIGA® CrossBeam® workstation goes online.

Houston (Nov 2009) -- Ingrain’s new workstation, the AURIGA® CrossBeam® FIB-SEM (focused ion beam scanning electron microscope) allows the digital rock physics lab to generate 3D images at resolutions as high as 3 nanometers. These images are used to create the company’s vRock digital  reservoir rocks from shale rock samples.  Ingrain then uses proprietary simulation technologies to compute rock properties such as permeability, elastic properties, pore and grain statistics.

“This is really big, not only for us but for the industry as a whole,” said Boaz Nur, Ingrain’s VP of Operations.  “We can now accurately image and compute the pore space and mineralogy of shale and other tight rock formations, which up until now hasn’t been physically possible. We’re excited that we can now offer this technology to our clients throughout the world.”

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