July 15, 2013: Ingrain's Joel Walls designated "Innovator in Geosciences Technology" by the AAPG

Badge.pngIngrain's Dr. Joel Walls has been recognized as an "Innovator in Geosciences Technology" by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, or AAPG. 

Walls has also been invited to present at the AAPG's Geosciences Technology Workshop on Sweet Spots, Reservoir Compartmentalization, and Connectivity taking place August 6-7 in Houston. This workshop represents something new for the AAPG: it is more in-depth, and the focus in more on services and workflows. There will be limited presentations from top-flight experts on different approaches to identifying and evaluating sweet spots in order to optimize exploration and production efforts, with a specific focus on determining where to drill (considering lithology and fracture networks) and then what to do once the reservoir has been penetrated (drilling fluids, proppant selection, hydraulic fracturing, stimulation, etc.).

Defining and identifying “sweet spots,” along with understanding compartmentalization and connectivity of the reservoirs, are increasingly important in all fields, ranging from new shale and carbonates plays to mature conventional fields, both onshore and offshore. This workshop contains presentations and discussions of new technologies, techniques, and lessons learned to optimize exploration in compartmentalized reservoirs and effectively exploit mature fields. The presentations bring together technology, science, and case studies to provide useful, useable information that can ultimately improve the economics of the fields.

For more information, please visit http://www.aapg.org/gtw/2013/houston/index.cfm.

Source: AAPG

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