May 29, 2013: Ingrain increases capacity at Houston facility

Houston (May 29, 2013) In order to meet the ongoing demand for their services, digital rock physics lab Ingrain has increased capacity with additional equipment at their Houston headquarters.

Ingrain’s innovative evaluation of unconventional and conventional rocks provides unique insight for complex reservoirs. These new resources allow the company to analyze approximately 300% more core a month while significantly decreasing turnaround time.

“The investment in this new equipment and further build-out of our facilities reflects the growing demand for digital rock physics services, which are a key element in quickly and accurately analyzing unconventional and complex reservoirs,” says Ingrain CEO Marcus Ganz. “Increasing our capacity means we can produce more results for E&P companies in a significantly shorter time-frame. We can deliver results back to customers in a matter of days or weeks.”

Ingrain’s services help customers quickly identify sweet spots or zones of interest at the whole core scale and incorporate an understanding of tight rock properties from high-resolution pore-scale analysis. This allows customers find and develop the most productive rock. With their additional resources now operating, Ingrain is positioning itself to meet the growing demand for these services while maintaining fast data delivery and ultimately increasing the value to its customers.

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