vRock® Digital Reservoir Rock

Ingrain computes physical properties using vRock® digital reservoir rocks -- high resolution 3D images of the pore geometry and grain structure of rock samples.  Ingrain's process works equally well with samples taken from core plugs, oil sands samples or drill cuttings.

Micro CT or Nano CT scanners are used to image the subsamples at the appropriate resolution. During the 3D scanning process, up to 1024 separate image captures are acquired from each microcore or nano-pillar. These images are combined to create a 3D digital image of scanned rock volume. This 3D volume is segmented and processed into a vRock® digital reservoir rock.

For each vRock®, basic rock properties (routine porosity, absolute permeability) are computed. If SCAL services are requested as part of the Scope of Work, the appropriate vRocks are selected for advanced rock properties computations.

Routine Core Analysis deliverables:
Porosity: Vv/Vt (% total, connected and isolated porosity)
Absolute Permeability: Permeability (mD) in X, Y and Z directions