Project Scope and Overview Template

The scope directory is your source for links to development material during the design and construction of your Ingrain Web site.

During the kickoff meeting, we discussed with your staff the objectives of your Web site and asked questions such as, "Who are your primary audiences and what messages are most important to them?" We want to make sure the site design speaks to your audiences in the language they understand.

Below are links to our initial site development materials:


A typical Web site project usually spans six to eight weeks in development. All projects are unique. The most time intensive elements during the development process are content and approvals. Below you will find our proposed timeline for the Ingrain project:

Timeline for Deliverables and Approvals

Search Engine Marketing

Because more and more individuals are turning to the search engines to help them locate services, products and people on the Web, you will want your Web site to appear in the major search engines (such as,,, and to compete for the attention of millions of intelligent, yet impatient, Web users. Below is the link to our search engine keywords and search engine optimization timeline.

Suggested Search Engine Marketing Keywords

Site Structure

The site structure is where we determine how the site navigation will be presented to site visitors. Although the history of your organization or company is important, you want to feature your main services or products on the homepage and structure your site navigation by listing the most important information first. Our team will build an electronic "click-through" to represent main areas and sub-areas of content on your site to be approved during this phase. Below is the link to the click through:



Schipul will develop graphics and one potential layout for your site. Below is the link to review which areas need additional graphics or content. Once you are satisfied with the direction of the project, we will complete the graphics, collect or write all necessary text and build the site:

Layout 1—the current design with a login area added
Layout 2
Layout 4

Project Team

Project Manager: David Stagg - - 281.497.6567 x538




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