The Ingrain Advantage

Find & Develop Your Most Productive Rock 

Adding Value to Current Rock Analysis in a Shorter Timeframe

  • New methodologies to identify and select zones of interest 

  • Richer understanding of tight rock properties

  • Better insights from high-resolution pore-scale analysis

  • Extensive experience in complex reservoir types (unconventionals, carbonates)

  • Technology can be applied to anything from whole core to rock fragments

  • Significantly shorter turnaround time - days not months


Targeting the Most Productive Rock

  • Identify "sweet spots"

  • Assess reservoir quality and potential for better reservoir productivity and identifying net pay

  • High-resolution images for finely laminated rocks allows for detailed characterization

  • Understand pore-scale rock properties (porosity, total organic content, mineralogy, horizontal and vertical permeability)


Translate Technical Analysis to Better Business Decisions

  • Ingrain's methodology has been proven to help our clients considerably reduce economic risk

  • Data integration is based on our client's needs

  • Detailed, high-resolution analysis to reduce project uncertainty

  • Sensitivity analysis for more effective completions and recovery