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Ingrain’s revolutionary digital rock physics lab computes the physical properties and fluid flow characteristics of oil and gas reservoir rocks. We use advanced 3D imaging to create vRock™ digital reservoir rock samples.
A vRock™ is a high resolution 3D digital capture of the rock fabric, grain structure and pore-space geometry at resolutions from 1 micron down to 5 nanometers. Once created, a vRock™ can be use repeatedly to compute rock properties and simulate multi-phase flow for the same rock sample under varying conditions.

Once vRock™ digital rock volumes have been collected by the CT scan, the following properties can be calculated using patented techniques:
  - Relative Permeability
  - Absolute Permeability
  - Electrical Conductivity
  - Elastic Properties

vRock™ derived properties from rock samples provide exceptional vertical and lateral coverage of reservoir.

Immediate input for:
  - Reserve calculations
  - Reservoir flow modeling with multiple paramater scenarios
  - Detailed reservoir characterization: meso, macro and microporosity
  - Dynamic reservoir simulation at pore scale